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"Sip in Style on the Go! Our ceramic travel mug combines elegance with practicality. Enjoy your favourite coffee anywhere. Heat retention, leak-proof, 360° Drinking and carbon neutral. Elevate your drinking experience today!

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Good for your wallet.

Every time you use your reusable cup in a coffee shop, you can save up to 50p off your drink, as more and more coffee shops join the reuse-revolution.

And baristas love bru cups as they fit right under their espresso machines

And now, there are bottles to match.

bru products cut waste at the source. Serving you with style and substance for as long as you need them and in the end, they can be recycled to make new products.......without ever becoming 'waste'.

In Business to Save Planet Earth.

We've recently become a 1% For The Planet member, meaning that each product sold contributes to good causes by supporting non-profit organisations. 

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  • Heat Transfer Resistance

    Double-walled and vacuum insulated, bru cups keep your drink hot or cold for hours whilst always staying cool to touch on the outside.

  • Strong and Durable

    Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel which doesn't rust and doesn't shatter. Our powder coated cups are scratch resistant too.

  • Specially Designed Lid

    A tiny hole in the lid allows steam pressure to release for a smooth drinking experience and slider reduces spillages. Replacement lids are also available.

  • Stylish and Modern

    Nine beautiful colours to choose from in classic designs which suit any occasion. Use your cup at home, on the go, in the office, on picnics or when you're travelling. 

  • No Odours

    No plastic or silicone smells. bru cups have smooth edges for an immersive  drinking experience so that your brew smells and tastes as it should.

  • Recyclable at End-Of-Life

    Once your trusty cup really has had its days, just take it to your local recycling centre and recycle along with scrap metal so that it can be melted down and made into something new.