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How long will my bru cup or bru bottle keep my drink hot and cold?

As both our cups and bottles are double-walled, insulated stainless steel, they are great at preserving temperature. Generally our reusable coffee cups can keep your drink hot for up to 3h and cold for up to 6h. Our reusable bottles keep your drinks hot for up to 12h and cold for up to 24h.

The exact time depends on the temperature your drink starts off at. The hotter it is at the start, the longer it will stay hot. By keeping the lid on your cup and bottles and by closing the slider on your cup, your drink will keep its temperature for longer.

The same rules apply for cold drinks. The colder your drink is in the beginning, the longer it will stay cold.


What dimensions and capacity are our reusable cups and water bottles?

Cups: 340ml, 11.4cm height, 6cm base diameter, 9cm diameter at widest point, 8cm top diameter. Our cups are compatible with Aeropress and most commercial espresso machines. 

Bottles: 500ml capacity, 24cm height, 7cm base diameter, 3cm diameter drinking hole.


Will my bru cup fit in a car cup holder?

Because of the round shape of the cups, it means that they will not fit in most car cup holders, unless yours is wider than average. Please refer to our sizes above. Our bru cups will however, fit in many central car compartment, although they may need to be wedged between some other items or a kitchen towel to hold them in place to prevent spills.


Are our products BPA, BPS and phthalate-free?

Yes. All bru products are free from any toxic chemicals or compounds.


Are bru cups spill-proof?

No. The lid and slider reduce spills but DO NOT eliminate them completely. We always suggest placing your bru cup in a waterproof bag if there's a possibility of it shaking or turning over onto it's side during commutes. Side pockets on rucksacks are one of the best way to travel with your cup.


What material are our cup lids made from?

Our main lids which all our cups come with are black Tritan. Tritan is a co-polymer (plastic) with exceptional strength, durability and temperature resistance. This is a BPA- and BPS-free material.


Are our cups and reusable bottles dishwasher-safe?

Sometimes. Although we do not recommend dishwashing your bru cups or bottles, we do recognise that it is the most efficient and effective way of keeping them looking brand new. If you do choose to occasionally machine wash your cups or bottles, we advise to use a general wash cycle that does not reach above 70°C. 

Our Rose Gold Intense cups and bottles however, must NEVER be washed in the dishwasher. This is due to the special metallic coating which will peels off if machine washed.

Our lids are all dishwasher safe.


Do we sell replacement lids and seals?

Yes. Replacement lids can be found here. Please contact us at: if you think you need a spare seal.


Can our cups and bottles be used in the microwave?

No. Please do not place neither our cups nor or bottles in the microwave as this could be very dangerous.


My lid seems loose, is this normal?

Although your lid is likely to feel loose when the inner cup or seal is wet or when there's steam rising from hot liquids in the cup, the lid should not fall out. If it seems like there is a problem with yours, please contact us at: and we will try to our best to resolve any issues. 


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