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bru Founders.

Yasmina and Ashley grew up in East London where they went to school together. After going their separate ways to study, they met up again several years later and hit it off with their new ideas about the world. Eventually, they moved in with Ashley’s parents and combining their interests and knowledge, they launched bru with a focus on modern, beautiful and functional reusable products. Their mission, to help put an end to single use waste, especially in the take-away drinks scene. 

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Our Vision.

Through the simple act of using a reusable cup, we hope to inspire millions of people to look at the world around them a little differently. Reuse rather than dispose, resource instead of rubbish, quality over quantity, care over convenience, regeneration instead of exploitation, community rather than competition. These are the new paradigms we want to push to the forefront. And it all begins with small conscious acts.

Our Values.

- Respect for nature
- Responsible use of resources
- Minimising waste
- Equal rights and opportunities
- Fair treatment of everyone we work with
- Honest communication

bru cups, bru cups team, bru cups founders, bru cups exhibition